There are four customisation greetings in your account: Main Greeting, Announcement Greeting, Individual, Extension Greeting, and Voicemail Greeting.

• 1300 Numbers are a nifty way for customers to call you anywhere in Australia on a central number. 1300 phone numbers can be random digits or even words – numbers that use words (like 1-300 FLOWER) are called phonewords.

• Toll-free numbers starts with the area code 1800. When someone dials one of these numbers, they aren’t charged for the call. Whoever owns the toll-free phone number pays instead.

• Local numbers is one that starts with an area code specifically for a particular region, city, or state. Businesses can now get “virtual” local phone numbers. It’s the easiest way to get a local business number in any city of your choice – whether you live there or not!

• Mobile numbers is one that starts with 04. Businesses can now get “virtual” mobile phone numbers for calls and SMS. It’s the easiest way to separate business from personal and feel more professional.

Pickle can offer phone numbers in over 50 countries, so you can take calls anywhere in the world.

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