You can update your Inbound number call forwarding number (answering point) or create a new call plan with just a few clicks.

By selecting your Phone Number in the Customer Portal and click 'Edit Call Plan' then pick from our list of Call Plan types.

What do these call plans do?
Single Answer Point - Basic answer point routing. All calls to your number will be redirected to the forwarding number you input below.

Call Overflow Routing - A secondary number will be used when your primary number is busy or unanswered.

Call Distribution Routing - You can add between 1 and 18 forwarding numbers to a Distribution Routing plan. All these numbers will receive the same numbers of calls.

VIP Service Routing - This allows you to redirect your VIPs to a VIP number. All other phone numbers will route to your Default Forwarding Number.

State Routing
- Here you can route calls from each state to a different phone number. Make sure to fill out 'unknown' for any number where the state cannot be determined.

Business Continuity - Route calls to different numbers based on the operating hours and disaster recover of your business calls.

Are these changes live?
No. Only changes with our advanced call routing 'Flows' are in real time. All other changes are done during business hours and are generally done within 4 hours, you will receive an email notification on completion.

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