Both Pickle and our customers must adhere to phone number regulations. To help you comply with these regulations and minimize the risk of disruption to your phone numbers, we maintain an up-to-date guide of phone number regulatory requirements.

Local regulations often require providing adequate identity documentation to carriers or a local enforcement agency. To avoid urgent escalations from regulators, we urge you to provide the required information.

Requirements for Individuals

Information Required

· Proof of Identity

· Proof of Address

Proof of Identity

  • Valid Australian drivers license/photo card (Front & Back)


Two forms of ID

Proof of Identity (Current)

· Government-issued ID

· Passport

Proof Of Address

  • Utility bill

  • Tax notice

  • Rent receipt

  • Council rates

Requirements for Businesses

Information required

· Business ID Number

· Business Name

· Business Address

Acceptable supporting documents

· ASIC Company Extract -
(For an example of a complete ASIC Extract- Click here )

· Commercial registry and bank statement

· Commercial registry and proof of address

Proof of Identity 

  • Commercial registry or equivalent
    (For an example complete ASIC Extract- Click here )

Proof of Address

  • Commercial registry or equivalent showing address

  • Utility bill

  • Tax notice

  • Rent receipt

  • Title deed

Proof of Business ID

  • Commercial registry or equivalent

Verification takes 1-3 business days to complete and is a once-off task.
It is important that we obtain the requested information at first instance as delays in verification may impact the availability of the number chosen.

To begin the verification process, please login here or sign up here

Head to Phone Numbers --> Add New Service --> Mobile Number

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us on 1300 688 588 or via email [email protected]

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