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Each time one of your numbers receives a call or sms, we'll add a new contact record for you in order to keep track of all their interactions with your phone numbers. You'll probably want to add other contact information such as their name, company, email etc. Thankfully, all of this can be done automatically whenever a new user signs up to your website or is added to your CRM.

Recommended method

In order to keep your Pickle contacts in sync with your CRM or user database, we recommend the following.



Bulk Import

  • Click 'Import'

  • Download the example CSV

  • Export data from your user database or CRM and transform it into the CSV format

  • Open your CSV as a text file and past it into the import box

  • Click 'Parse and Import'

 If existing contacts are found with the same 'phoneNumber', these will be merged.


Zapier allows you to connect Pickle with your CRM or analytics provider.

  • Sign up to

  • Add Think Pickle to a new zap by following this link:

  • Create a 'Trigger' that triggers when a new lead or user is added to your CRM or database

  • Use the Pickle 'Create or Update a Contact' zapier action to copy your lead or user's data over to a Pickle contact.

  • Note, you'll probably want to merge this data with any existing Pickle contacts if their phone numbers match. This means you'll be able to link inbound calls with new users.

Zapier makes it easy to sync your user database or CRM to Pickle Contacts


You can create new contacts via our http API.

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