Importing and exporting contacts list allows you to easily manage your contacts and to easily transfer them to other Yealink phones.

Importing/exporting contacts can only be done in the web interface.

1. Get the IP address of the Yealink phone.
2. Enter the IP address to a web browser
3. If prompted, enter the username and password. The default values are:

Username: user
Password: user

Import a CSV file of your contacts to a Yealink phone

1. Click on Directory > Local Directory.
2. Click Browse to locate your contact list file. The file format must be .csv.
3. Tick the Show Title checkbox if you want the title/labels of the columns to be included. This will prevent importing the title of the contact located in the first line of the CSV file.
4. Click Import CSV.
5. Select the appropriate option for Delete Old Contacts. If you select On, all existing contacts will be delete while the contact list is being imported.
6. (Optional.) Select the contact information you want to import into the local directory from the Index drop-down options.
7. Click Import.

Export your contacts list as a CSV file

1. Click on Directory > Local Directory.
2. Click Export CSV.

Pro Tip: You can get the IP address on your Yealink devices by scanning your network with Advanced IP Scanner -

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