Many inputs such as the Say/Play message and Send Analytics Event accept variables which will be substituted when possible. 

Variables are always wrapped in --

For example, you could set the Say/Play message to be:

You have received a call from --call.From-- with state --call.FromState--

These variables will be substituted and the become something like:

You have received a call from +61499998888 with state NSW

Missing variables

Not all variables are always present. For example, if the caller calls from a mobile phone we won't know the --call.FromCity--, in this case, the variable will be replaced will be ignored.

Supported Variables

The available variables change depending on your flow type and trigger. 

All Flows:

All flows will have contact variables available for use. These are particularly useful for sending personalised greetings, SMS and emails. Note that these variables will not always be present. We recommend you sync your users/CRM data into our contact system so you'll always have access to this data.

Incoming Call Flows:

If you have a Call flow triggered with an 'Incoming Call' trigger:

Incoming SMS Flows:

If you have an SMS flow triggered with an 'lncoming SMS' trigger:

Inspecting real variables using Flow Logs

After your flow has run once, you'll be able to view the flow log from the flow log section. This will show exactly what the values were for the variables described above. For example:

The variable name shown in Flow Logs have been transformed to make them more readable. For example, numMedia becomes Num Media. You'll need to use the camel-case version - numMedia.

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