Easy tool to check your network for issues effecting your IP Phone System

1. Install the BCS Visualware software.

2.  Open LAN Check application.

3. Click the 'Click to start test' button

Note: Let the test run, do not navigate away from this window for the duration of the test (2 minutes)

4.  Once completed, click the Speed and VoIP tab on the left to see the Test Result numbers and you will need to note these down further assesment.

Just above the Speed Result # above is the SIP-ALG Firewall result – this MUST be disabled

  • SIP-ALG Firewall: Err – Firewall is enabled, this needs to be disabled in the modem/router
  • SIP-ALG Firewall: No / N– Firewall is disabled

If you see any number of ports in the Blocked ports section, these must be forwarded in your network – usually done in the router and/or modem; often completed by an IT technician.

Note: We cannot allow the order to proceed until all of the above ports are forwarded.

5. Once this has all been checked and completed, please send back the test result numbers to our support team at email [email protected]

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