The Phone System Mobile App is the Broadsoft UC One Communicator Mobile Softphone Application that is available on the user’s Mobile Phone which allows them to make and receive calls, and manage their telephony features.

Besides making calls, there are other basic telephony features or functions that can be performed via the Softphone client, such as configuring 

  • Call Forwarding options
  • Enable/Disable Do Not Disturb

This mobile softphone application is supported on different Operating systems, such as Google Android and Apple IOS. 

Andriod App

iOS - iPhone

The user needs to add the as the Login URL the first time they use the Mobile App. 

Also please note that the user Id needs to be entered with an Upper Case “U” for
a successful login. E.g. Service ID:
[email protected]

UC One Communicator Login URL page

Mobile UC-One Business Communicator

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