To find your invoices, go to Billing:

The Invoices section contains a list of your invoices & attachments to download and view:

Can I get my attachments emailed to me?

You will receive an email notification when you have an attachment ready to view. This will be sent to the email you’ve listed in your Billing settings. You’ll need to log into Intercom to view and download your attachments.

Can you help me understand my invoice?

Absolutely! Send us your question through the Messenger on this page with your invoice details on hand or check out your bill explained article.

Some considerations if your invoice amount is different than expected:

  • We bill ahead: If your subscription changes during the month, you may see an adjustment on your invoice from the previous month, in addition to the bill-ahead amount for the upcoming month.

  • Currency conversion: Our pricing is in AUD Dollars; if you use another currency, the amount is calculated based on current exchange rates at the time of your invoice.

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