1. If you have an nbn™ box, please turn it off at the plug socket.

The example below shows the nbn™ box on the left and a battery backup. Not all will have battery backup – you may just have an nbn™ box.


2. Turn the nbn™ box back on again ensuring that that the optical light and power lights are on

3. If the cover of the nbn™ box is on, (as is shown above), please remove it


In the images above, the Lights section is highlighted in Red.
D shows where the nbn™ box reset button is (see below)
C shows where the UNI-V ports are (see below)


4. If the optical light is red, please attempt to reset the nbn™ box by using a pen or paperclip to press the reset button in. If this doesn’t resolve the red optical light - reply to your email ticket stating that your FTTP connection is not working and the Optical light is red

5. If UNI-V port does not go green or amber, please try to connect to the other UNI-V ports

  • If none go green or amber, please reply contact us to open a trouble ticket for the FTTP connection is not working and the UNI-V/UNI-D light does not go on

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