To start log into MyPickle, and head to Voice Actor Recordings in the menu.

Here you'll view our free recordings you can select from or click Create Actor Recording;

  • Select the language and age range that the Artist needs to perform.

  • Add the script you wish to have recorded: Keep in mind that instructions between square brackets [] won't be read by the Artist . 

  • You can also break the script into pieces by adding one extra part at a time. You'll see this option right underneath the script box. 

  • Add the instructions: Please be detailed, the more clarity in the instructions the Artist has, the better.

Once you've added all the information, remember to give your project a name: make sure to be able to differentiate between projects if you're working with several of them at the same time. Make sure all details and the script are correct before you continue with the payment process.

After completing the script, click Next  and select the Billing Account  to add the charges, click Next again and you will be taken summary page were you can view the Total cost and Turnaround time. Click Finish  and the project will be launched for our Artist to be crafted. After QC reviews and approves of the files, you'll be notified to check the project, and request any revisions if needed. If not, you can approve of it right away!

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