Call Center is hosted on TIPT and you access it over the network either from your web portal or from a web browser. The sign-in procedure is the same for agents and supervisors.

In addition, agents can sign into a Call Center using hot desk functionality, that is, sign in from any available desk configured for that purpose. Upon login, that desk’s phone is associated with that agent and behaves as if it were the permanent phone of the agent, for the duration of the login session. This allows agents to use a single login ID to perform their work independently of their location.

Note: Call Center does not support logging in as different users from the same machine at the same time.


To sign in to the Call Center client, use the same credentials that you use to connect to the web portal.

To sign in to Call Center:

  1. In your web browser, enter the URL of the Call Center client

The Call Center Sign-in page appears

Call Center Sign-in Page

2. Enter your User ID in the format [email protected] and your Password
3. If you are unsure of your user ID and password, contact your administrator
4. Providing the append domain name has been configured in the Show Options field, you can also enter just the user part of your ID. The system then appends the default domain to it before authenticating you. However, if your domain is different from the default domain, you have to enter your user ID with the domain name
5. Optionally, if your system has been configured to allow that, you can configure you domain name
6. Check Stay signed in to instruct the client to automatically re-connect and sign in to the server when it detects a network connection
7. This should generally be enabled to help mitigate intermittent internet connections. When disabled, the client signs out the user when the connection is lost
8. To configure your domain name or the Call Center language, click Show options. The area expands displaying advanced options.

Call Center Sign-in Page - Advanced Options

9. To configure your domain, in the Append Domain text box, enter your domain name. When you enter your user ID without a domain, the system will append the configured domain instead of the system wide default domain
10. To change the language, from the Language drop-down list, select a new language
11. Click Sign In. Call Center starts and you are signed in

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